Saturday, October 3, 2015

Moving along slowly...

When the house is remodeled and resided I will be making a new garden around the house.
I felt that moving these hostas and the annoying day-lilies would get them out of the way once work started.

Little did I know that it would take at least 4 to 5 wheelbarrows worth of plants.
I moved them to another spot where they would survive until I decided if they would fit with our remodel.

I am sure thinking of some nice perennials and mixed with four o'clocks, cosmos, and other wonderful annuals...they would look great along here.

We have some of the iron wagon wheels which I'd like to set up for climbing plants such as morning glories.  Not sure where those will go at this time.

I used to load my yard with flowers.
This photo is from my film days...1998!

I can say that at one time I was a domestic flower person.  Until I met the wild ones in the woods.

However, as I try to go to sleep at night, I try to imagine how I can landscape around the new addition and around the new porch to make this wonderful little place stand out more.

Here is a photo I took of the house last week.

It is an infrared shot, more in the line of artistic photography than of just documentation.

You can see the house needs a lot of tender loving care.  With Kurt's help, we'll return this house to beauty.

It will no longer be a home in severe need of TLC, but a beauty.

The paperwork has been done, it awaits at the bank and now we await the appraisal.

I cannot wait for work to begin.
Currently I am doing some graphic art to design curtains and even the shower curtain.