Thursday, March 31, 2016


The date for remodel is getting closer!  It looks like there may be a start date of ... about April 15th.

We spoke to Kurt yesterday and that is when the road bans are due to come off.  Road bans are put on to prevent heavy vehicles from traveling on county and township roads that do not have the same good road base as the highways.
As the frost comes out of the ground, the road bases can be soft and heavy loads will damage the roads.

We've pretty much finished deciding on what the siding colors will be as well as the roof.  We only need to go in and finalize that.

Now I begin in earnest to clean out the back entry way so that when the construction does begin I won't be in a rush to toss everything into boxes 'willy nilly' and hope to be able to find things after the remodel.

Here is a photo of the house that I'd done for artistic value.  I wanted it to look beautiful.  Photographed last summer in Infrared.

This is the south facing part of the house.  When finished, it will have a porch extending 9 feet from the house as it is pictured here.

This is a photo of the roof of the south facing part of the house. Pretty sad right?  We intended to get things taken care of long before the shingles got in this shape.  The hole in the roof that is covered, is where the chimney used to be.  We never had a wood burning stove in the house and the chimney was never in use.  It had to come off before the remodel.

South west facing corner of the house. I dug out all of the flowers and plantings around the house last fall so that the guys working on the house wouldn't be stepping on them.  I relocated what I could and hopefully some of the plantings will survive to be moved back.

This is the north side of the house.  As you can see, this is a Tiny House.  We call it a cottage.
There will be a basement and an addition put on this side.  It will extend the house 10 ft out from where it is now.
The new space will give us a slighty larger bathroom, a mudroom, a real kitchen and a downstairs bedroom.

And here is the view from the the bottom of the driveway.  The driveway extends quite a ways up towards the ridge top.

The look and feel of the place will change for the better we think!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Picking out colors

My remodeled house may be a spectacle or it may be cute. Hubby and I went to pick out our siding and roofing colors.  Of course we didn't agree on the color of the siding.

So we will compromise.  The majority of the house will have a wheatish-tannish kind of color.
The gables will have barn red shakes or 'fish scales'.

Our roof will be Forest Green.

Windows and trim will be white.

The porch entrance door will match the green roof.
The north side entrance door will match the barn red gables colors.

From what I am reading about proper colors and designs, I need to go for more boring stuff.  Like muted matching greenish stuff or more retirement tan colors.  
Hold on a moment while I go gag.

How about a nice grey tone with white windows and trim?

I wonder if people will come down my driveway and see my house and pause.  I don't mind making a statement.  I've decided that the colors fit the personalities of those living inside.

We used the other day to look at countertop colors for the kitchen.  I found some colors that I think will work with black appliances and Hickory cabinets.

This is nabbed from the internet and looks interesting.

The kitchen won't be set up this way, but this is the colors of Hickory matched with the colors of the counter-top I'd like to have.

However the flooring is pretty close to what we thought we'd like and...and... the cabinet on the side of the fridge was something we also talked about.  I love the idea of having a place to put my broom and cleaning stuff!

I've been thinking about the bathroom.  Fixtures [toilet and tub] will be white. But I want some bluish tealish sort of muted colors in it somewhere.  I think I can design a shower curtain to those colors.  

My house would be a rainbow of colors if I could manage it.  I've lived with icky dark brown for too long.

The only brown left will be in wood, natural wood and not this horrid dark paneling we've lived with for so long.  I want light and bright.