Friday, August 5, 2016

Inside Work Remodeling Part 2

There is the pile of bricks we took out of the living room and a view of the side of the house that faces East.
My husband says that his little cabin in the woods has become a palace and he isn't sure he likes it.

He likes it. He actually loves it. But he is still having a time dealing with how 'fancy' it looks to him.

Inside however is another story. The addition is beautiful and we are now working on the living room walls. The paneling is gone and he has started with the Pine Wainscoting.
I think it will look fantastic and brighten up the house tremendously by the time he is done.

The changes are amazing and I am trying to keep track as we move along.

I spent a good part of the day processing corn and vegetables then I turned my attention to clear coating the basement stair rail again and then using steel wool to finish it off.

I am also working on the in the wall dresser to give it a better finish. I'm getting pretty good at refinishing I think!

Today I'll give it a rub down and another coat!

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