Sunday, September 18, 2016

Moving along slowly

Well things are still moving along. The clear coating of the wood has been finished.
We did two coats and are ready now for Kurt to come back and get the window framing done in the living room and kitchen areas.

With that done, we can have the bank come back out and do the inspection.

Our new direct vent heater was delivered last week and Rich is working on getting that installed.
Just in time too. I think we normally have the first frost around the first week of October.

I've finally gotten the carpeting all pulled on the stairs and that is ready to paint.
[View from the top]

Morris was rather put out by having his 'perch' changed.

He refused to come down the stairs until I had all of the little pieces of wood removed. I don't blame him. 

That night after he came down the stairs he refused to come up and go to bed in his normal spot. He curled up on the couch and didn't move until I came down the next morning.

Here is a shot of him when he was quite young. Laying on his 'perch' on the stairs.

What a change it is! I am going to paint the stairs with a primer and then a greenish very light color for a finish.

The stairs have always been a huge issue for me to keep clean and tidy. The dog hair was always embedded into the stairs and now I'll be able to wipe the stairs clean.

We will be adding stair treads for extra cushion and for safety.
I'm thinking something along these lines:
The big project will be pulling the carpet on the living room floor.

I need to do some research on using textured paint. I plan on a 'do it yourself' job for our ceiling.

Then I have some repaint and touch up work to do in the bathroom and kitchen.

Slowly but surely we are getting there. I'll have photos of the new heater once it is installed.

One day at a time!
It is really looking quite nice.

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