Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It has begun!

The day finally arrived and it came with a lot of action.  One moment all was quiet and the next, workers were here and things were started.

I put up a Trail Camera and let it run while I was gone at work.  Rich was home and got to observe the work all day long.

The excavators found that our little house is perched on rock.  

Here is a time lapse video of the day taken by my Moultrie Trail Cam while I was at work.  It is sort of boring, but it helped me see what I missed all day.  It is 8 minutes long.

When I got home from work I walked around the place and took a few shots.

Old view:
New view:
See the rock?  I wished that could stay as the basement wall, wouldn't that have been a conversation piece?  Alas the sandstone would make a mess.  Still, I love the colors.

Here is another view of the rock, the basement hole and looking west towards where the drain for the basement will exit.

Then a view from the west side.  This ditch is the where the drain tile for the floor drain will be laid.

Well there is the west side of the house peeking out from behind the pile of rock, dirt, and sand.  It takes up most of the yard and nearly extends to my 'Dog Garden'.

One more view of the basement.  And NO I did not climb down into it!

Yesterday the concrete guys started putting in the ICF's after they put in the footers.
[Insulated Concrete Forms]

Very short video of that:
My camera was blocked by a vehicle for most of the day so not much to see here. They were working in the hole anyway.

Here is the partially installed ICF's...

The concrete guys are here this morning and I need to go out and get chores and set up a camera for when the concrete truck arrives.

Things are moving rather quickly and as far as I am concerned rather smoothly, except I suppose for running into solid rock when doing the digging.

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  1. You have the original tiny house and I love it! They are definitely doing a number on your yard with all that they are digging up. I agree, the sandstone would have looked amazing. I think the trail camera was a great idea! I can’t wait to see more of the progress on your home!

    Essie Reed @ Valley Home Improvement